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Are you a skeptic? Every one of us was! I couldn’t imagine what a tiny drop of oil was going to do for me! Now we realize that Young Living, and its over 600 products replace every toxic thing in our house, in every room, all day long. Not an hour goes by that I am not using a YL product to kick the chemicals to the curb, make me feel spectacular, or handle the occasions of every day life in holistic, natural ways!

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True, pure, authentic Young Living essential oils are like nothing else on the planet, and they are the latest "old" thing to be rediscovered. You can use them for everything from cooking to skin care, and the first time one "works" for you, you never forget it. There's a reason everyone from moms to athletes to hospitals to runway artists are discovering their power and convenience!


What is the best thing about NingXia red besides the taste? Is it the naturally occuring 19 Amino Acids and 21 Trace Minerals? Is it the fact that it is the highest rated on the ORAC scale (Google that) of any known food? Is it the fact that it helps balance my normal blood sugar and keeps me from craving bad stuff? Nah. The BEST thing about the nectar of the gods is how AMAZING I feel.


There's a reason this proprietary blend is in our line of oral care and cleaning products. Crafted in the spirit of the ancient story of the Four Thieves of Marsaille, there's nothing like the power and aroma of this legendary blend to cleanse and purify.


Did you know your makeup could actually  be causing your skin to look older and to break out? Do you want to experience the luxury of the cleanest, most gorgeous makeup on the market?

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