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Getting started in oils is simple and easy. A wholesale membership is the way to go, and you have options galore. But it really comes down to this:

One Premium Starter Kit + (Optional) Essential Rewards membership. = New life!

The rest is up to you! Here are the most popular kits!  

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If you want to take a year off your product learning curve, you want access to more of our top selling products. The Diamond package is for you. Being a product of the product is key in the growth of your biz. I like to say, “I don’t use the product because I am a Diamond. I am a Diamond because I use the product.”  This package is not only a massive head start, it is an amazing value. The kit has an average value of 40-50% off wholesale value, and it often has out of stock items you simply cannot get any other way. You will be able to show your team so many valuable products, and duplicate this model with others. You will have more stories of your own, and you can rank extremely quickly when you duplicate this model. Your team will likely do what you do, and duplication with this model is the fastest way to rank up. When you enroll, we will share our system of duplication, and show you exactly how to do it!

April Elite Business.png

*Most Popular!*
With the Elite Wellness Kit, you will experience our most popular products in all areas of your life: chemical free living, nutrition, and body- systems support. You will also qualify for all of the free products that Young Living offers! Of course, you can add any and all other products to the kit, according to your needs.

You will receive:

Premium Starter Kit with Essential Rewards or Savvy Makeup

NIngXia Red Essential Rewards Kit

Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate


The Smart Start kit gets you started with any Premium Starter Kit and enrollment with Essential Rewards. Simply choose any products that intrigue you, and add it to your order, making sure you click the box for “Join Essential Rewards.” Then you can add aaaallll the things you need! This also qualifies you for rewards points and free products!


When you enroll with Young Living, we will invite you to our fun and sweet  facebook group, and if you’re interested in the whole- family wellness lifestyle and generating an income, we have an amazing, passionate team full of driven individuals- just like you- who will cheer you on and raise you up!

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